Are Annotations seen by the event daemon?

The editor that I am working with wants to be able to add text based notes in RV that trigger a script to setup an associated task. I’m not sure of the annotations are seen by the event daemon. Backup plan would be having them create the overlay in Premiere and parsing the name from the EDL.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in, I’ll be happy to help out here.

When you create a note that contains an annotation, a couple of event logs get generated

The first is an event with the event type of Shotgun_Attachment_New. This indicates the attachment has been created.

There are then a bunch of other events with the type of Shotgun_Attachment_Change which are to do with the uploading of the attachment.

You could technically use any of those events to be the trigger for your event daemon to process the script accordingly

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout.