API Retrieve SG Field List

Hi all!
I have a SG Field List that contains a list (Arnold, Redshift, Mantra…)
And when I try to retrieve the info, is said None and NoneType on the Filed type, but with a SG Text Field is retriving the info ok
What is the correct way to retrieve the info from a SG Field List ?


I tried these:

    filters = [
        ["sg_status", "in", ["Bidding", "Active", "Hold", "DEV"]],
        ['id', 'is', project_id]
    fields = [
    project_info = sg.find_one('Project', filters, fields)

os.environ[“PROJECT_RENDER”] = str(project_info[“sg_render”])

Show us what project_info contains. Does it have to other fields? Is sg_render just empty?


DEBUG sgtk.ext.tkimpc5c1645224fa4f4393ec39d23df354de.tk_desktop.site_communication] [PROXY] LIST SG INFO’: {‘type’: ‘Project’, ‘id’: 1588, ‘name’: ‘DEMO’, ‘sg_format_width’: ‘2880’, ‘sg_format_height’: ‘2005’, ‘sg_format_pixel_aspect_ratio’: ‘1’, ‘sg_frame_rate’: ‘25’, ‘sg_render_engine’: None, ‘sg_short_name’: ‘DEM’}

FIXED it was and issue with the Page Field Cache.
Thanks for the quick response of ShotGrid Support for these solution

This is what I did to flush the page caches:

  1. Access the page where the field will be created in Flow PTR (ShotGrid).
  2. From the Group menu, select `Ungroup´.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Re-group again.
  5. Save the page.
  6. Create the field/Change the Field Type