Advanced project setup not cloning my complete git history


I’m running into a strange new problem.

When creating a new project, using the Advanced Project Setup, from our github repo, I see after the process is finished that I have no history in the cloned git repo inside the config of the newly created project. I only see the last commit. The config is properly setup, everything is there, but for some reason all my history of commits is not available.

Until last week, when I did create a new project (from our github repo), I could afterward go to the config dir, and do for example a git log -n 10. This would display the last 10 commits.

On the projects I created since a few days ago, after the project is created if I use the same git log -n 10 command the output looks like :

commit 55d972f25333b8ea8cfc8d04c132275ba82eb000 (grafted, HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: dovanbel <>
Date:   Sat Jan 7 01:47:42 2023 +0100

    Copy to latest : speed improvement using the sgtk command (approx 3 times faster)

I’m have no clue as to why this has changed since last week. Could this be caused by an update of my local git install ? I’m using git v 2… Could it be from some change in the SG Desktop ? I’m using SG Desktop App v1.7.3, Python 3.7.11, Startup v2.1.14, Engine v2.5.9, core v0.19.18. Looking at my repo on github, I see that it contains hundreds of commits like it should…

Any help appreciated.