Advanced Page Permissions

I created this as a bit of a cheat sheet to fully understand what these page permissions control in your permission roles “Advanced” settings menu. These rules are most relevant for Admin or Manager level permissions as generally Artists and Vendors will not be creating pages for mass consumption by the team. (sidenote: Artists and Vendors can only edit pages they created by default so these Advanced settings do not affect them much.)


Global Navigation Pages:

If the Advanced permissions `Saved Shared pages belonging to anyone` is turned ON, then they will be able to edit global navigation pages, like the global People page. Turn it OFF and they won't be able to edit it anymore.

Regular Global Pages:

If `Saved Shared pages belonging to anyone` is turned OFF, the user will still be able to create global shared pages, but only the creator of the page can edit it, even if they are in the same permission group. If this permission is turned ON, then that means the permission role can save a global page, even if they didn't create it, as well as edit that global People page.

Recommendation: Only Admins have Save Shared Pages belonging to anyone turned on as it is the master global page control to overwrite ALL global pages. This permission should be minimally accessible if you decide to give it to a Manager permission group.


Detail Pages and Project Navigation Pages:

If `Save Navigation Pages and Detail Pages` is ON, then a user will be able to save changes to a Project's Detail Page, but won't be able to edit the Default Detail Pages under Admin Menu > Default Layouts (That is a `Use Admin Options` permission). They will also be able to edit/save Project Navigation bar pages, including those in the "Other" dropdown.

Regular Project Pages

Turning ON `Create and save project pages` allows your user to create their own pages which show up under the "Project Pages" menu in the Project Nav bar. It also allows them to save new changes to Project Pages that other users have created.

Recommendation: Only Admins have Detail Pages and Project Navigation Pages turned on as it is the option that allows users to mess with a project template’s look and feel which will make your template differ from project to project.