Adjusting Color Space in Create

Is there anyway to adjust the color space in Create? Our EXR image sequences are sRGB, but they appear far too dark when loaded through Create. I’m guessing this is a linearization issue. But as of right now the tool is unusable since the color is so far off, and I don’t want to add some sort of intermediary file step just to be able to use Create. Thanks!

Would RV work instead? It has excellent color space capability

Thanks for the reply! RV works great for viewing our footage, but we’re really hoping for the smooth integration with the Shotgrid portal that Create offers (the submission and review process, the integration of the notes back into the activity section, etc.)

@andrewb Unfortunately this makes the Create unusable as review tool for exrs. You need to burn LUTs in. There is 2years old thread which mentions some activity about it. Luts and OCIO

I’m wondering if this had some progress.