Adding shotgun to the proxy allow-list for restricted internet access

Hi! I saw the tutorial of all the urls and ips that need to be added to the proxy allow-list for shotgun to work properly on an internet restricted environment.

Can I just allowlist * and * instead of all this ips and could it work?? (I’m based in Spain)

(BTW the term “whitelist” is being removed from a lot of places, for obvious reasons, blocklist and allowlist are good alternatives)


Hey @macbeth—good question!

Wildcards are not supported, but CIDR notation—or IP slash notation—is an alternative option depending on what your addresses are.

Also, while domain names work, they can be prone to fail if the pathway can’t be resolved. Using the specific IP is best.

Last, thank you for the note about technology names with negative connotations. We’re investigating whitelist and others across our products and content and exploring best paths forward. :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks a lot! but I was talking the other way around.
We should not have access to the internet from the studio, we should be able to only access Shotgun from the browser, we already “allowlisted” * in the proxy, and is working but we cant see thumbnails and other stored videos on AWS.

I check the manual, and there are hundreds of ips and urls that need to be “allowlisted” for shotgun to work properly, but so far to be honest I only see * links inside shotgun, so I was wondering if I can go along with only that domain, as I don’t live on Asia … but I could be wrong.

The thing is so many allowlisted ips will rise some eyebrows in the IT department, for security reasons. Thanks!

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Ah! Sorry for getting that backwards. Let me flag this to some folks to chime in. :slight_smile:

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As far as the URL’s we use, that sounds about right. The discretion on whether to use the URL or the explicit IP addresses is really up to your IT team to decide but it should work if you substitute the wildcard URL. Give it a try and let us know if you have other questions :slight_smile: