ACES integration

So I am very new to Shotgrid and I have managed to make some changes so I can render and publish from Nuke without any issues. But since I have not dived deep to the hooks system I have a very basic understanding of how they work and where they need to be defined when I customize some apps for our workflow. But I stumbled upon a serious issue with ACES. It seems I cannot find a solution to fix the errors Publisher and Quickreview are throwing when I work in ACES. Only way to mitigate this, is basically to do everything manually which defeats the purpose.
I tried adding the tk-multi-reviewsubmission/ to the hooks folder, also changing it’s hook to the tk-multi-reviewsubmisson.yml (render_media_hook: ‘{config}/tk-multi-reviewsubmission/{config}/tk-multi-reviewsubmission/’
But I have no way of checking if that is loaded and accepted or it falls back to the original app
Now I am also trying to change the tk-nuke-quickreview/ to hardcode an sRGB colorspace just to see if that works, but I have no idea where to define the hook afterwards. I would guess tk-nuke.yml but what hook variable do I use?
In the tk-multisubmission it was “render_media_hook”. Where do I find the hook var?

Any help would be much appreciated

Ok so I managed to edit the code of tk-nuke-quickreview/, adding

if nuke.root().knob(“OCIO_config”).value() == “aces_1.2”:
write_node[“colorspace”].setValue(“Output - sRGB”)

and then replaced every instance of

  location: ""

in in env/includes/settings/tk-nuke.yml with :

  settings_hook: "{config}/tk-nuke-quickreview/{config}/tk-nuke-quickreview/"
  location: ""

So now quickreview works in both Nuke and aces_1.2

I have not tested publish, but if it works I guess part of the ACES issue is solved

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