Will tk-multi-publish continue to work?


With the DCCs switching to Python3 I see a lot of changes to the existing apps happening. Here we are still relying a lot on tk-multi-publish which to this day still seems to work fine for us, but gets no more updates from your side.
I was wondering if that means that once Maya or Nuke switch to Python3 we will be unable to use tk-multi-publish? Or even before that?



Hi @Nico,

Unfortunately yes, once a DCC switches to python3 our legacy apps will not work as we don’t plan to port them to python3, you would need to stay at an older version of the DCC that still supports python2 for the legacy tools to continue to work.



Looking into updating tkmultipublish for maya2022 since it did swap to python3 transfering all our hooks to publish2 would be a lot… is it fesible to get tkmultipublish working with python3 or a lost cause?