What would cause the Event Daemon to return incorrect meta data?

When triggering an event on a Sequence SG is returning an ID number for the sequence that does not exist, which is preventing the callback script from executing.
I’m at a loss as to how to fix this.
Any thoughts?

I’d double-check the info of the event to verify the event fields (link and metadata).
Check the data that is triggering the plugin

I know you probably understand these things, but I’m going to walk through it for clarity:
The Event Daemon is looking for a “Shotgun_Sequence_Change”. When the Event is triggered metadata is returned to the registered callback function.

Because the entity type defined in the event trigger is a Sequence the metadata returned contains the entity type (in this case Sequence) and the entity ID. The ID that it returns does not exist as a record in our SG. I’ve verified it doesn’t exist, and it does not match the ID field on the sequence in the web interface.

Because the Sequence isn’t known until the event is triggered, as far as I know the only way for the callback function to know which Sequence it should act on is to check the metadata, but the metadata is incorrect.

Maybe a dumb question but did you check the trash in ShotGrid? I guess deleting a sequence could also count as a change of a sequence…

Cheers Fabian :slight_smile: