What data is being read during the drag/drop when starting a new delivery?

I’m new to Shotgun Create (compositor working remote, using it to upload WIPs and finished work to my production team), and am curious about what kinds of data Shotgun Create is able to read during the ‘drag media or CSV’ step?

What I’m looking for is a way to smooth out the process so that I’m able to automatically fill more of the subsequent fields in once the media has been recognised. For example, if I’m starting a fresh delivery using several neatly-named .mov files, does Shotgun Create look at the metadata of a mov before ‘adding’ the media to the Shotgun file list (the page where you’re able to edit the data before creating/submitting), or is it simply looking at things like the naming convention to generate that data? I’m curious to see if there’s any way to populate that stage using just metadata, not a CSV.

I’ve looked around for some documentation regarding this step and what Shotgun Create is actually doing/looking for during that drag/drop moment, but haven’t found it yet - does anyone have a link, or further info?


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Hey Demis! Welcome to the forums.

What Shotgun Create is currently doing in the upload phase is just attaching the media file you drop in to the task and shot/asset you’ve clicked on. But it sounds like what you’re after is more of a bulk import experience, is that right? In which case, the easiest way to do this now is probably using the web’s Media app to drop a bunch of files in. What sort of metadata are you looking for it to consume automatically instead of using a CSV?