Webhooks is now in General Availability!

Today we removed the ‘beta’ tag for Webhooks which is now available for General Availability. While the core functionality for Webhooks was released during the private beta, and further enhancements were made for public beta, the following work has been done since the public beta to bring Webhooks to general availability:

  • Strengthened feature offerings, like bulk delivery
  • Added UI and email warnings for problems with a developer’s own webhook endpoints
  • Performed system maintenance ahead of anticipated increased load
  • Improved performance during continuous deployment
  • Improved robustness in case of network and infrastructure disruptions
  • Improved system monitoring and automated alerts
  • Fixed many bugs, informed by the already high usage on public beta
  • Added internal support and maintenance procedures documentation
  • Updated public facing documentation

This is fantastic news!! Over at Molecule VFX we re-visited implementing these in our production pipeline, today. What great timing.

Should we expect any kind of tutorial (videos?) to set this up?

For those who are not familiar with Webhooks it would be a huge help to move forward to this new system.

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Sadly, we don’t have an in-depth video covering Webhooks like I imagine you want, but this video covers Webhooks a little.

I really hope you will consider doing an in-depth video. You guys did it in the past and it was GREAT! Developer Training - Shotgun: Creating, Testing, and Debugging Action Menu Items - YouTube

Good to know that would help. Adding it to our priority list

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