Webhook trigger for Note's replies or Replies?

I’m trying to implement notification app of Notes and Replies changes by sending notifications to Slack.
I could found there’re webhook triggers for Note entity and Reply entity. But I also found some problems exist.

  1. Reply entity event doesn’t work at all by any field change triggers.
  2. Note entitiy event doesn’t have replis trigger.

The first one I don’t know how could I trigger this event…
Ideally I hope webhook triggers by just sending reply event trigger when users send replies at the reply web UI.

The second one is a option for our choice but it’s reasonable to get changes by Note notifier application that works by note’s event triggers.


Thank you for reporting this.

I just tested on my side and also found that webhook triggers don’t seem to be working for replies.

I have opened a bug ticket and we’ll get to it asap!


Thank you for the response.
It’s good to hear that! I hope it’s fixed soon :+1:

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Just for a record, this is currently fixed appearently.
Thank you for the support!