Webhook- help

I am trying to copy a count of done shots from my Shotgrid to a spreadsheet using webhook by zapier. But somehow I am not able to get the number of shots rather receiving data not useful for me. Can anyone please help me with this?

Not sure how a webhook would give you that information.
You may want an AMi or just a calculated field/Query Field?

Hi Ricardo. Thanks for replying sorry for not being clear. I have the total number of count from SG to be regularly updated to a sheet maintained by the production. That’s why I am using webhook.

We are going to need a whole lot more information here to be helpful.

What is you webhook doing? Is it counting the shots based on your filter?

Hi Ricardo, It is just copying the number from the field in SG to the column in the sheet.

Please suggest if there are any other ways to do this other than webhooks too… Thanks