Using the sgtk.platform qt to display a message/dialog box in a before launch hook

So in our before houdini launch hook im running some package file syncing scripts and would like to get some user input just before this happens. How does one go about getting a Qt window to execute or show when being run through the hook?

using exec_() stops the launch completely and using the show command doesnt allow the gui to show. Also cant launch another QApplication as there is an instance running with the desktop app already. Using the same code i can get it to show in the SG python console but not in the hook.

Any help or point in the correct direction would be helpful!

hello @Ryan_Territory, was there any follow up to your question? thanks!

If your window is an sgtk app you can show it like in this example, you could also potentially make the engine spawn the dialog.

Better to use the sgtk functions so that the window gets displayed correctly in the toolkit environment.