Upcoming infrastructure maintenance for select sites — July 12 2020

Hello everyone,

What’s Happening?

We will be performing routine maintenance on our infrastructure from July 12, 2020 from 13:00UTC - 23:00UTC .

This maintenance will only impact some sites , and at some point during the work those sites will be unavailable for a maximum of 30 minutes. The impacted sites have been notified via banners for the admin users. Please note that the IP addresses of your Shotgun site will be different after this change. Please refer to our support page for a list of all valid IPs for Shotgun sites.

Is My Site Impacted?

Your site will not be impacted if your site did not receive a banner.

Feel free to post here if you have any questions



Can I ask what are the implications of this?

Is it only access to the site that is down, or will API calls (like publishing to Shotgun or retrieving data) will still be working?



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Hi Jacob,

All aspects of Shotgun will be unavailable for the impacted sites during the maintenance window. This includes:

  • Shotgun webapp
  • Shotgun API

And just to reiterate, while the maintenance window is reserved for 11 hours, the actual downtime for a given site will be at most 30 minutes.

Hope this helps clarify things a bit more,



Hi Khosrow

Can we be notified closer to the time when the 30 mins maintenance are starting?
The maintenance window is quite wide and we’ll have artists working and who all of the sudden will be experiencing errors if the Shotgun API is not functioning.

I would like to have the chance to alert the studio as to when the 30 min maintenance is about to start and ask everyone to close our main DCC’s and to wait for completion.

With the Shotgun API down we are not able to publish assets normally, asset loaders will not function and starting a DCC will error on many cases.

Depending on when the 30 minutes maintenance is happening it could just be fine. But we will definitely have artists working during the 13:00UTC - 23:00UTC maintenance window but I rather not risking.




Hi Jacob,

The nature of this maintenance and the number of sites involved means that unfortunately we can’t give an exact time for the work outside the window. That’s mostly because we perform the work in batches, and there’s no guarantee that work on your site will begin at a precise time.

Having said that, we’re happy to discuss specific details pertaining to your setup. Please open a ticket with support@shotgunsoftware.com and we’ll work with you to ensure minimal disruption to artists at your studio.