TK-NUKE: Potential bug


This line is calling a function called tk_nuke.sgtk_on_load_callback()

However that function is not there in the file.

Is it referring to the __sgtk_on_load_callback by any chance?


ugh yes, you are quite right. I don’t know how that one slipped through.
Thank you for raising that!
I’ve created a PR; I’ll try and get this released.



Thanks for the release

There is another bug here

The code should look like this

Otherwise it spits out a warning name 'g_tank_callbacks_registered' is assigned to before global declaration

I will patch it at our end for now, but I thought to let you know.

Thanks! When did that throw an error for you?
I’m just wondering what we were doing differently in our testing to avoid hitting that.


If you open up the script editor you can see the error message



Hi Pritish

Just to let you know, I’ve released a fix for the original error you reported.
The new tk-nuke version is now v0.12.3.

Regarding the second error you reported, I’m not able to replicate this. I’ve looked in the script editor inside Nuke after launch and even after the launch of a second Nuke instance caused by opening a file via the Nuke menu when a file is already open.

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Here is the traceback from the script editor

Checking tk-framework-widget v0.2.7 (7 of 7).

Resolving context...

Launching Engine...

<PATH_TO_BUNDLECACHE>\tk-nuke\v0.12.2\python\tk_nuke\ SyntaxWarning: name 'g_tank_callbacks_registered' is assigned to before global declaration

global g_tank_callbacks_registered

Engine launched.
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