Tk-multi-publish2 : 32bit Tif crashing qt pixmap

Has anyone had any problems using the standalone publisher to publish 32bit tifs?
I’m curious whether this is specific to our environment or a Qt bug.
To recreate, save out a 32bit tif. Drag and drop in to a standalone publisher. For me, it hard-crashes the app on collection.

Is it failing initialising the QPixmap or when setting the QPixmap as the QIcon somewhere? If the latter we’ve had to patch tk-multi-workfiles to do the following:

-                widget.setIcon(pixmap)
+                widget.setIcon(QtGui.QIcon(pixmap))

This might be similar in tk-multi-publish2

Otherwise if it’s the former then perhaps the image header data is not enough for Qt to determine the format, and then forcing the format in the init would be necessary.