Tank Command - Pass-through args

Is there a way to pass arguments from the tank command down into the original Nuke command? Like say for example if I want change the verbosity for Nuke (temporarily), the command for Nuke would be Nuke13.0 -V 2. I was hoping this would work:

tank nuke_13.0 -V 2

However this fails.

  File "....../install/app_store/tk-multi-launchapp/v0.12.1/python/tk_multi_launchapp/base_launcher.py", line 138, in launch_version
TypeError: _launch_callback() got multiple values for keyword argument 'software_entity'

I could add the arguments hardcoded in a new Software Entity but I don’t want to do that.

The tk-nuke engine adds to some important environment variables like PYTHONPATH and NUKE_PATH to ensure the ShotGrid write nodes work correctly so I can’t just simply jump to the Nuke13.0 command.

I have not tried other arguments, but I am able to pass a scene path after the command, and it gets opened
tank Task "@123" nuke_13.0v3 "c:/Projects/scene.nk"
Would be nice to pass through all arguments, though.

I decided to fork tk-multi-launchapp to make it possible. seemed worth it. can now launch Nuke and other apps with any flags all through the tank command without creating additional software entities (don’t need “Nuke Batch” and “Nuke Batch Verbose” software entities, for example).


Nice, you should send a pull request on github.