Suggested acknowledgement format for webhooks

The documentation at says

Included in those headers is the ID of the delivery record, stored in the x-sg-delivery-id key. This id can be used to update the delivery record to include an acknowledgement using the Shotgun REST API

However doesn’t have any info about webhooks acknowledgement payload. I understand this is because the feature is in beta.

Could someone please shed light on the recommended payload and the endpoint I should be posting to?

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Hi, Sorry about that documentation being missing. I’ll update the documentation site as soon as possible. Below is a quick overview of how to work with acknowledgements.

Method and Endpoint:

POST /api/v1/webhook/deliveries/{delivery_id}


Requires the standard Authorization header needed for the REST API
Content-Type: application/json


  "acknowledgement": "<string>"

The request is a POST to the delivery resource URL with a JSON document where the only field is “acknowledgment” and its’ value is the string you want to store. The acknowledgment value has no required format and can be any string that is useful to you.

Let me know if you have any other questions about it or run into any issues working with it.

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Thanks @brandon.ashworth. I will check it out.

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