Strings in path templates

Hi, is it possible to use a string definition in a path template definition?
For example:

        definition: '@shot_root/{name_str}.v{version}.{extension}'
        definition: '@shot_root/{name_str}.v{version}.{SEQ}.exr'
    name_str: '{Step}[.{name}]'

Note that this example is not working because name_str is not a key…

With an at: definition: '@shot_root/@name_str.v{version}.{SEQ}.exr
Actually might have been better to use the field syntax for that but…

Thx, it works.
What do you mean by the “field syntax”?

I would like to use a “variable” for the {Step}[.{name}] because I’m using it in several path templates…

Yeah, what I mean is that the {} syntax may have been nicer for including strings, because @ does not delimit the name on both sides, and can get confused in certain situations (I have seen in real life). Maybe there is a way, not sure.

the idea behind is that we are currently not sure about using the {name} optionaly - so we can tweak it later at one place…