SIGGRAPH 2019 - who's around

Hey everyone!

We’ll be at booth on the show floor (South Hall Exhibition Level 1211) and hosting events throughout the week.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happening.

Shotgun Day [Monday July 29]

Room 409A, Los Angeles Convention Center

We’re kicking off SIGGRAPH with Shotgun Day—an entire day focused on learning how Shotgun streamlines workflows for creative studios and developing for Shotgun.

Topics include:

  • 9am-9:50am - Introduction to Shotgun
  • 10am-10:50am - Accelerating Creative Teams with Shotgun Create
  • 11:00am-11:50pm - The Future of Shotgun Platform
  • 1pm-2:20pm - Developing for Shotgun - An Introduction
  • 2:30pm-3:50pm - Developing for Shotgun - Advanced Topics
  • 4pm-4:50pm - Shotgun Developer and TD Roundtable

Full details and sign up can be found here.

Autodesk Vision Series [Tuesday July 30—Wednesday July 31]

  • Thriving with Shotgun: Setting Creative Teams Up for Success [Tuesday @ 930am | Room 411A]
  • What the Cloud Means for Production and Collaboration [Wednesday @ 1pm | Room 303B]
  • And more here!

AWS Thinkbox + Shotgun [Tuesday July 30 & Wednesday July 31 @ 930am]

Expo Floor Booth #1203

Tech preview of Shotgun and secure cloud enterprise architecture for VFX & Animation studios

2019 Pipeline Awards [Tuesday July 30 @ 530pm]

Autodesk Booth #1211

The yearly tradition continues! The Pipeline Awards honor outstanding tools and individuals that make pipelines more manageable for studios of all sizes.

Swing by the booth for more info, to learn about what we’ve been up to, and to say hello! :wave:


Are there any events on advanced topics you can recommend in particular? Thank you!


Hey Christian, the Shotgun Day on Monday has an advanced developer session at 2h30 in the afternoon. Check out the Dev Day link in Johnny’s post for details to see if it’s up your alley.


Here’s the link for our Siggraph GitHub repo from @tannaz, @bouchep, @manneohrstrom, and Brandon’s presentations.


Thank you for sharing all this information. The sessions during SIGGRAPH have been very informative and helpful. I look forward to all the exciting updates being implemented and rolled out.