Shotgun integration w/ Jira

Hi, we want to integrate the Shotgun software in our 3D development team and link it to Jira,
to review 3D models and maintain the project management part in Jira.

Now we have a few questions about this:

What hardware components do we need for this?
We want to host the system in our company, is that possible? ( Dedicated server - hosted internally and made publicly available → possibly with IP restrictions + 2FA )
Can you provide someone who knows how to use a Jira-Shotgun bridge to help us in an emergency?
Are Blender integrations possible or do you have experience with third party scripts?
Probably we will need 12 licenses, and these may be extended over the period of use. Can these then be easily upgraded? Are there special offers for multiple licenses?
Can you tell us the estimated cost?

Thanks & best regards :smile: