ShotGrid REST API v1.1 now available

Hello, SG Community!
A new version of ShotGrid’s public REST API is now available, version 1.1. No action is required for customers who want to keep using 1.0, all of our API versions are actively supported and kept up-to-date with the latest changes.

V1.1 Changelog:

  • Restore timezone support for timezone-sensitive filters
  • Decimal fields in responses are now returned as floats instead of strings

For more information, please visit the our official API documentation.


Hi Mason, what version of the SG app itself supports this? I looked through the Release Notes at but it wasn’t mentioned.

Do you mean the site version?
As most sites will be cloud based I would imagine the api endpoints are linked automatically.

ah, but we are one of the last few on-prem installs :slight_smile:

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Ah in that case I don’t know :grimacing:

Hi @taiello - v1.1 is compatible with SG versions post ~2021 (when the Rest API was introduced)


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Thanks Mason! Greatly appreciated.

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