Sgtk app, how to import app module from hook

I have a custom app called tk_delivery and I’ve written some base_hooks and hooks and am loading those hooks the “sgtk” way. All is working fine except that I would like to be able to access one of the modules inside my tk_delivery app from the external hook. So my structure inside the app is like this:

inside I want to be able to import classes from the module in my main app but I cant seem to figure out the relative/absolute import pattern needed to do that.

if you attach the errors to the app using something like:

self._errors = tk_delivery.errors

in your

you should then be able to use that in your hook like:

app = self.parent

This is written freehand so you may need to alter this somewhat but thats how I see this mostly done in the, for example tk-multi-publish2 is a good one to reference.