RvNuke not compatible with Python 3 / Nuke 13

Hi RV team,

the bundled version of rvNuke with the latest RV release does not seem Py3 compatible.
I have tried fixing it for Python 3 but it doesnt seem to want to work.

Would be great to get Py3 support for this!

Hi @Ricardo_Musch,

Thanks for the report. We are creating a task to have it fixed.




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Hello everyone, Has there been an update to this issue?

I am able to get it working on Nuke 12 but in Nuke 13:
I can get Nuke to Launch RV but no image is displayed. ERROR MESSAGE:
BlockingIOError: [WinError 10035] A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately

Nuke Version 13.2v1
RV Version 2022.3.1

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I’d be interested to know the status of this too.
Considering Python 2 is now deprecated.

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Hi, long time since any reply, :wink:
Is it compatible RVNuke with Nuke 13/14 (Python3)