RV Shotgun browser -- where are its configurations saved?


I’m trying to figure out where the shotgun browser configuration data is stored. Let’s say I add a few fields to the version info panel. If I close out and delete my RV.ini file, those fields persist.

I’d like to be able to make system-wide changes with a centrally located configuration file but I can’t determine if those shotgun field changes are local to the user or somehow global.



Hi @StarkRavenSimone,

Thanks for posting. You can find the prefs paths of each operating system here in the reference guide: RV Reference Manual - Chapter 15: Hierarchical Preferences. For OSX that is $HOME/Library/Preferences/com.tweaksoftware.RV.plist .

Initial values of preferences can be overridden on a site-wide or show-wide basis by setting the environment variable RV_PREFS_OVERRIDE_PATH to point to one or more directories that contain files of the name and type listed in the above table. It’s also possible to create show/site/whatever-specific preferences files that always clobber the user’s personal preferences.

Check that doc for more.



The ini file remains unchanged if I modify the shotgun version fields displayed. I can’t tell from the ini file if its grabbing those settings from some session configuration. That’s where I’m stuck.

Let’s say I added “Frame Average” field to my version readout. I don’t know where that change is getting saved.


I’d like it to persist to all users and not just on a per-session basis. I’m just not sure that it’s explicitly stated in the RV.ini file. And if it is it’s part of the session data which I’m sure is per-user.

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Have you taken a look at the Shotgun and RV configuration guide? It goes more into detail about how the Shotgun fields are propagated into RV:

You can also take a look at RV_INSTALL_PATH/PlugIns/Mu/shotgun_mode.mu to see where these are saved out to. Most of the configuration for what kinf of data appears is handled through shotgun_fields_*.mu in the same folder as shotgun_mode.mu

Hope this helps!