RV Screening Room loses my setup

Hi, several times a day I need to review shots in RV Screening Room.
I have made extra fields visible at the top (e.g. linked shot status, playlists, linked shot’s vfx requirements) as well as made the “to” and “cc” field visible in the notes.

All of a sudden RV Screenign Room comes up reset without any of those fields showing and it will not remember this setup at all anymore, driving me absolutely nuts as I have to set it up time and time again - every single time I do a review.

What is going on?

looks like it happens when I have multiple instances open…

This is most likely the web profile. I believe chromium profiles aren’t safe to write from multiple applications to the same place at once.

@shotgrid, would it be better if the Screening Room state was stored server-side so they roam and follow a user across devices (and not rely on local storage)?


Thanks @Michael.Kessler , that explains the issue and your suggestion makes perfect sense.
Now we just have to hope that the Shotgrtid team actually reads this. :slight_smile:

I second this. There’s option to save every layout on ShotGrid except for the Screening Room. An option to save the layout server side would fix this.