Running multiprocessing inside of tk-multi-publish2 hooks


Just checking if this is possible or if there are any red flags/reasons as to why this wouldn’t work?

I’m hoping to be able to run multiple instances of txmake during a publish process.
However I’m hitting walls when using multiprocessing.Pool. The publisher UI/window freezes.
Not entirely sure I’m approaching this the correct way either.

Any help/advice on doing something like this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

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This is a classic problem, the subprocesses need to be managed in another thread.
But beware that that thread does not do something with the DCC api, otherwise might crash.


Thanks for the reply mmoshev.
That helped jog me along.
It’s working now, just needed to make sure I was launching another threadpool, and that all functions were outside of the hook class.


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