REST-API Typescript Wrapper

Hi everyone!

Some time ago, we started to develop an application with Electron/JS and Shotgun Restful API. To improve the integration between Electron/JS and Shotgun, we developed an npm private package with Typescript. This lib made this integration so user-friendly because this wrapper is very similar to Shotgun Python API (more specifically to Shotgun CRUD methods find, find_one, create, batch and update) and OPP based. However, this package has the js/ts characteristics, for instance, all requests return a promise, so this made it more flexible and asynchronous.
We are thinking of the possibility of creating an open-source fork of this repository and publish this package on npm, so we would like to see if that will be useful for someone.
Let us know what do you think about this.

Thank you!


Hi @gvalderramos,

I’m willing to bet the broader community might be keen on this. One thing’s for sure, a few of us here at Shotgun are very curious to see this project.

Obviously, for anyone reading this in the future, Shotgun won’t support the wrapper itself, only the underlying REST API. I’m sure the community would be able to step in here, tho, as it has done in the past with other projects.

Whatever you decide to do, good work writing something that seems to have made itself pretty useful.