Rest API and S3 pre signed Url uploading

It appeases the rest api has some extended support for uploading media from an S3 pre signed URL or a multi part pre signed url. Wondering if other developers are using this? Our primary interface to the api is still the Python wrappers. Furthermore we actively use AWS lambda to execute Python code which may not be common. It doesn’t look like the Python Api has parity with the rest api as the option to provide a url rather than a file path is not supported. As a result this requires us to ping pong back and forty between the Python api and rest. I’m assuming those that are using this functionality are strictly using the rest api. I’d love to here some insight from other users. Also guessing users whom are utilizing this functionality are building a cloud native pipeline and have chosen to not utilize Python for these operations. Wondering if those users have any legacy Python pipeline in place. Anyhow lots of curiosity here.