Removing the search widget in tk-multi-workfiles2

hey there,
We’re facing an issue in one of our company’s DCC integration, in which after we use the searchbar in tk-multi-workfiles2 to find a task, SG becomes tremendously slugginsh and can take up to 10minutes to open a file, while if just browse (without searching) the load times go down to seconds.

Is there any way to hide the searchbar for a particular DCC integration? At least that would stop the users unaware of this issue from triggering the problem.

Any ideas?

Hello @ignasiduelo ,

Sorry for the delayed reply on this post but I wanted to inform you that we did see this post and included this use case as part of some other optimization work we were looking at for filtering performance.

Would you like to try out the change using git_branch descriptors in a "development" Pipeline Configuration?

Please let me know when you can, thank you!

Hey @rob-aitchison, thanks for the reply.
I’d be glad to test the changes. Please let me know the details of the dev branch.

Hello again @ignasiduelo ,

I just pushed this commit to show the two entries to use for the app and the framework:

Let me know if you have any issues and thanks for trying it out!

Hey Rob, unfortunately it made no difference.
As soon as we search for something in the fileOpen dialog, we start getting thousands of lines in the log with messages like:

[Python] [DEBUG tk-framework-shotgunutils] [ShotgunFindDataHandler] Creating child nodes for parent uid /FX/Asset_11367/Step_717
[Python] [DEBUG data_handler] generate_child_nodes: 0.001000s
[Python] [DEBUG tk-framework-shotgunutils] [ShotgunExtendedEntityModel] Fetching more for item: wormSpaghettiAFX
[Python] [DEBUG tk-framework-shotgunutils] [ShotgunFindDataHandler] Creating child nodes for parent uid /FX/Asset_12242
[Python] [DEBUG data_handler] generate_child_nodes: 0.000000s

and our DCC becomes unusable. That’s why as a temp solution I was trying to disable the searchbar so artists don’t run into this issue

Hi @ignasiduelo ,
Thanks for reporting back. Let me investigate if there is also a tk-framework-shotgunutils branch that this is dependent on.

Hi again @ignasiduelo ,
I did find this branch with a pending PR:

but not sure if using it would solve your issue.

Can you please open a support ticket for this so we can “officialize” this? You can just paste the link to this thread for reference for this specific case.

We are eager to solve it together with you and logging a ticket is the ideal way to proceed when bugs, regressions and performance problems like this arise.

I am being overly verbose here with you to help others that read this to understand the distinction between community posts vs. support tickets.

Thanks very much for your time and collaboration!

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Thanks @rob-aitchison , I will give that PR a try on Monday, and will open a support ticket.

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