Hi SG,

On windows I noticed that environment path’s in PYTHONPATH was missing inside any dcc’s that I started from SG Create, later I then came across this line in the logs.

[warn] 49412 08/26/21:10:42:51.422 [ PYTHON ] Removing PYTHONPATH

What this reason for removing PYTHONPATH and is there anyway around it? Do you suggest any other way of handling environment maybe via the config.


Hi @shannibal,

SG CReate is sanitizing PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH so the python environment is ensured to be controlled. Something like having PySide2 in your PYTHONPATH or some compiled cpython modules might crash SG Create without this protection.

What are you trying to add to Create’s Python environment? Can it be added with a sys.path.append() call near the DCC launching code?


Hi Kerby,

We have libraries and tools in PYTHONPATH used in the dcc’s which stopped working when using Create. But moving that to the launching code makes more sense.