Remote Artist Desktop not updating software list with centralized config

Hi guys,

I’ve set up a centralized config via a dropbox link which works fine for me but one of my artists’ desktop app isn’t updating accordingly. How do I get his Desktop app to refresh and update?

Let me rephrase:
I see in the software section of the docs that there is mention of an ‘auto detect’ function that should detect the installed software. Is it possible that this is not happening correctly.
It displays Mari, Motionbuilder and Hiero which we do not have installed. I believe this is because these are specified in the software_paths.yml file so that explains that. I managed to get RV to show by simply specifying a path in the windows path field of the software section in the browser.
I am however unable to get neither Houdini no Blender to show up on this particular artists machine even though they both show up in my desktop app. They are both installed on said machine.
What am I missing here?

I see I can sort this all out with a duplicated houdini software entry and a custom path in the software section in the browser. My bad. Thanks for listening though… if anybody’s listening :wink: