Recieve Action message using Python?

I’m trying to write a Python script to process Actions from ShotGrid.
While using HTTP things are fairly simple:

import socket

TCP_PORT = 8443

server = socket.socket()
conn, addr = server.accept()
data = conn.recv(BUFFER_SIZE)
print('Incoming from: ', addr)

But we have to use HTTPS protocol and I’m not very confident with SSL library.
Could anyone help me modify this code, so that it works with SSL?

Process actions from ShotGrid?

Could you elaborate?

Hi AndriyPogribniy,

I am Mercylyne from the ADN team in Autodesk. Could you please clarify more about the actions you would like to process in ShotGrid? I think you want to trigger an Action from ShotGrid web interface, right? In that the case then we are talking about Action Menu Items (AMIs). A guide can be found in Help.

Best Regards