Publish options disappears in maya shotgrid menu

I need to customise process_current_session method of tk-multi-publish2 of tk-maya. So I copied from all scripts from …\config\install\app_store\tk-maya\v0.11.6\hooks\tk-multi-publish2\basic into …config\core\hooks\tk-multi-publish2\basic

and have it pointed to inside …\config\env\includes\settings\tk-multi-publish2.yml, like this

shot step
collector: “{self}/{engine}/tk-multi-publish2/basic/{config}/tk-multi-publish2/basic/”

Hope it is clear so far. Issue is when I open a scene file from shotgrid menu in maya , the publish option does a disappearing act. When the above lines are back to default then it is fine.

Please explain how this works in the backend and how to overcome this issue. I need to customise process_current_session now to allow user to select alembic items from maya scene that he wants to export not all. There will be more modifications of same type. Having such trivial issues becomes an impediment to growth. Only way to overcome is to understand the underlying logic.

before modification, the publish menu item appears in the menu.
after modification it disappears.


From the debug log I could see that my hooks were copied to wrong location. Ticket closed.

I had copied to config/core/hooks when it should be copied to config/hooks/…

Yes, I should have looked at the debug log before raising a ticket.