🎞 New Admin Training Series ⚙

As Administrators, at the core of it all, we want to ensure our team is getting the most out of our tools while following best practices. Our new Admin training series will help you hone your Admin skills so that your team can focus on what’s important to them, and everyone can get the most out of Shotgun.

This new series goes deep into Admin workflows while promoting best practices through real-life scenarios. We highly recommend watching it if you’re new to the Admin role, or if you’re experienced but looking to dive deeper into best practices and workflows. Either way, you’re bound to become an Admin power user!

Intro to Shotgun for Admins

An introduction to the Admin Series, what to expect, and tips for the Admin journey ahead.

Admin Menu Tour

Before diving deeper into Admin workflows, we familiarize ourselves with the Admin menu with a tour of all options listed.

Set up Account Settings

A look into Account Settings for ourselves and our crew, covering notifications, email notifications, and follow settings so that collaboration can start early on.

Introduction to Permission Roles

We demystify permissions and give a high level overview of them.

Permission Roles - Deeper Dive

We deep dive into Permissions, covering more on summaries, conditional permissions, best practices for rolling out new permission roles, and per page permission controls.

Intro to the Shotgun Schema

We introduce the Shotgun schema, how to map our workflow, and familiarize ourselves with templates shipped with Shotgun—a great schema base to start from.

The Shotgun Schema - Linking Entities

We dive deeper into the Shotgun schema covering how entities connect to one another via entity type fields, multi-entity type fields, bubbled fields (multiple hops) and connection entities.

Managing and Configuring Fields

We cover best practices for managing and configuring fields in Shotgun—from updating fields and field creation, to project tracking settings and field retirement.

Administering Pages

We cover best practices for administering pages in Shotgun—from keeping designs visual to permissions and project versus global pages.

Setting Up and Managing Workflows

We go deeper on how workflows are expressed throughout Shotgun with Pipeline Steps.

Setting Up and Managing Tasks

As Admins, it’s important that we work closely with Producers to set things up in the right way. In this topic, we cover best practices for maintaining Tasks along with Managing Tasks from Task Templates.

Project Visibility Settings & Navigation

We dive into what makes our projects unique, how we can choose what’s visible in a project, and how our Project navigation is customizable.

Naming Conventions

We dive into best practices surrounding naming Shots, Assets, Sequences, Episodes and other entities we are tracking in Shotgun.

Managing Projects

We cover Admin workflows for managing projects—from creating projects, archiving projects, and managing project templates to pushing project configurations.

Configuring Creation Forms

We cover how to configure creation forms to optimize data control.

Events and Metadata

Everything that happens in Shotgun generates an event, and in this topic, we cover how to investigate events and find the information we need.

Using Shotgun As Another User

As Admins, we often need to test and troubleshoot based on a specific user’s experience. Learn how using Shotgun as another user gives us the control and flexibility we need as Admins to keep our team supported and on the right track.

Shotgun Create for Admins - Preparing your artists on Create

How Admins set up Shotgun Create for a flawless experience between Production, Artists and Reviewers.

We hope you enjoy the new series! :film_strip:

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We’ve just completed the Admin Training Series, and we hope you enjoy! I’ve added all the topics in the series with a brief description above.

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