Need to export selected items not the whole scene

When exporting fbx or abc, at times it is required to export cache for selective objects not all. Is it possible to export cache for selected objects through shotgrid pipeline. How?

Yes, the basic default behaviour is to export the whole scene. You’re going to need to override the collector hook and modify the process_current_session method.

@tjvoll , can you please run me through steps required to do so.

  1. tk-multi-publish2 will be copied and kept in config/core/hooks/ and apps_location.yml will point to this location
    path: <How will i point to config/core/hooks/tk-multi-publish2>
    type: local
    name: …
    collector: ?

@tjvoll , Ok, I have been trying the steps myself. and find the places required where changes are to be made.


The point is by default all alembic caches are shown on the publish UI. On my UI, I am selecting caches and geometries. This allows me to select what I need to publish and ignore what I do not need to publish. If this is the case, how does default work. where all caches are published by default. What am i missing here ?

cc : @philip.scadding