Multiple operating systems and sandbox configurations

Hey all I am sure its something simple here but what is the best way to setup code sandboxes for one user who moves between multiple operating systems? Currently my studio uses both linux and windows environments. So if I am deving in linux I have my configuration sand box created and linked to our git repo and everything is good. If I move over to windows I get an error that the path to my sandbox cant be found because my username is linked to my linux sandbox path. I can get around this by just updating the path to my windows location but figured there is probably a better way to go about setting all this up rather then manually changing this every time I switch environments. I see “windows path” and “linux path” fields in the project configuration page but can’t quite seem to get this working.


I think the path descriptor is probably what you need. That will allow you to specify paths for all OS’s.

The “Windows Path”, “Linux Path” and “Mac Path” fields you see on the PipelineConfiguration entity are for centralized configs, which are installed via the advanced setup wizard. If you have a production config setup this way you can clone it to make a dev config.