Moving assets files from one project to another project

Hi people, i am looking for a way to move assets files from one project to another and keep this files linked to the original assets entity and task (if possible) in shotgrid.

what i have done already?
I did export the assets and the tasks from the old project (the export function that export that data as excel file) and successfully imported this data on the new project, but, when i open it on Maya i cant find the ma/mb files on it, making impossible to load the save files from the other project on this one.

I saved one new version of this task with the .mb file and published some data, just to make sure that i was using the correct path, and even with all the folder structure looking right it didn’t find anything.

i tried to sync folders (tank synchronize_folders --full) and didn’t work.

For me, its look like something isn’t linked in shotgrid, but i cant find a way to link.

so, anyone can help me with that?


Hi satansw,

I think, that solving your issue with the built-in functionality is quite complex (Maybe not entirely possible). I would think, that you would probably need to do this using the API (scripting):
For each Asset that you would like to copy, you could create a new Asset in your new Project and then create a field like “Original Asset”, which you use to reference the original Asset, this new Asset is referencing.
Then the script would create the appropriate Tasks, Versions and Published files needed (probably only the latest Version) and would copy the associated files into the folder-structure of the new Project.

To avoid scripting, another approach would be to keep it all in one Project and instead create a new “CustomEntity”, called “Season”, “SubProject” or similar. Then create an Entity field on Assets and Shot, that references this new field. This way you could filter by Subproject, and wouldn’t need to migrate any files. This is not exactly what you’re looking for but depending how far you’re into your new project, this may be a feasible approach.