Modifying the tk-multi-loader2 app GUI to not show any available publishes

I want loader to launch with all the different types of file to load turned off, so that the UI is not cluttered and makes the artist think about the type of file they are loading. Clearing all filters of course shows all publishes.

The latest version of the loader app (1.23.0) uses a new filter menu component ShotgunFilterMenu, it doesn’t have the ‘show_none’ method that previous versions used.

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Thanks for flagging this @mousekoz !
This issue has been logged and is being looked into to re-introduce the notion of “None” as you suggest.

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Hello again @mousekoz ,
I just wanted to ask if you would like to use a git_branch version within a “testing” config to try out some new filter behavior?
Let us know, thanks very much!

Yes, thanks!

HI @mousekoz ,
Here is the branch:

Please let us know if you need help with the descriptor to test it out - thanks!

Thanks for this Rob! I have this framework branch loaded in my config, but I’m not seeing the ‘show none’ button or behaviour. It all seems normal.

Hi @mousekoz

The “Select None” button for the Published File Type filter (in versions prior to v1.23.0) has been replaced by the “Reset” menu action for the Published File Type group within the new Filter menu.

There is a slight change in behavior:

  • The old “Select None” button will deselect all Published File Type filters, which will result in showing nothing in the view.

  • The new “Reset” button will deselect all Published File Type filters, but will result in showing all items in the view.

From reading your original post:

I want loader to launch with all the different types of file to load turned off

This can be achieved by the following steps (without the “Select None” button):

  1. Open the loader app (for the first time), no published file type filters are set by default. This will show all types of files

  2. To show only the file types you want, open the filter menu and check the Published File Types you want to see (to “turn off” loading a file type, just leave it unchecked)

  3. On closing the app, your selected filters will be saved and restored the next time you open the app. This will allow you to launch the app with the specific types of files you want to see.

To help address your general concern for the UI being cluttered, “Reset” and add a single Published File Type filter and only those files will be shown. This is essentially the same as clicking the old “Select None” button and then adding a filter.

Also just to note, the behavior in the loader Filter menu aims to be consistent with the ShotGrid Web Filter menu component.

Thanks for that helpful explanation @oues , I understand now!

The old ‘show none’ behaviour is what I was looking for so for now I’ve replicated that feature in our clone of the Loader app, by using the ShotgunModelOverlayWidget.