Missing Entity Name in Context

We’ve started experiencing this issue in our pipeline were we’re missing the name of the entity in our context.

As you can see in the attached image, the entity does not include the name field.
This is particularly causing issue in the Publisher as it can’t resolve the context correct.

Probably someone has changed something that could have caused this, but I can’t pinpoint it.
Nothing in the configuration has changed, using the same apps and setting that we’ve been using since this morning.
Any idea what could cause this issue?

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Do you have a custom version of tk-core?

No we don’t.
I’ve relaunched the SG Desktop and it started working again, but our user are reporting every once in a while since yesterday.

It’s a very odd issue and really would like to know what would cause this

We’re still experiencing this odd issue where every once in a while that on a user’s machine no context includes the name field. This is a particularly and issue during the publishing for our producers where they just launch the Publisher from the web app and the context is all messed up:

Once they restart the SG Desktop, the issue is fixed.

Have you logged a bug?