"less secure app" warning when using gmail for event daemon notificaion


I just changed my event daemon config to use a new gmail account to send notifications to.
When I tested it I promptely got the ol’ warning from Google telling me that a “less secure app” tried to log in.
Is there any way to configure the event daemon to be accepted by a gmail aacount that has “less secure apps” turned off?
Or do I need to create a throw away gmail account and forward the notifications to my actual account?


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I guess I will set up a dummy gmail account exclusively for this then unless there is a way to avoid this issue in the event daemon config?!

dummy account it is.
shame this forum isn’t what it used to be…

I think the event daemon has a pretty simple email capability out or the box so likely doesnt support newfangled higher forms of authentication.

It should be adjustible/extendible for someone with some knowledge of this though.

Thought as much, but with gmail being so common I had hoped that the SG team could help us out by updating the boiler plate and config. But it doesn’t seem like the SG team is even on this forum anymore!? I guess I should log a request through Autodesk