Is it planned to have auto redeliveries?


Still wrapping my head around the whole webhooks concept and architecture, but already testing different aspects of it.

One thing I noticed is that failed deliveries doesn’t seem to be automatically redelivered, and i discovered that for the majority of those, i can just select them and click the “Redeliver Selected” to have them properly executed.

Still need to debug more to see if I can catch the reason why they are failing in the first place, but apart from that, i think that will be really awesome if they can be redelivered automatically as long as the webhook is still considered stable and up to a maximum of retries.



One of the example errors we are getting is a simple network hiccup:

getaddrinfo: Name or service not known

And indeed just by clicking “Redelivery”, those work without problems

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Thanks @hasielhassan !
We do (should!) have on the spot retries before failing a delivery.
And with these in place, it is surprising you got this error.
I’ll double check to make sure the retries are working as expected.

  • Stéphane