Internal Wiki/Confluence type page

Does shotgrid offer user the ability to create wiki pages within Shotgun? Rather than having to use external offerings like Confluence or something similar?


Hey Joker,

At best you could hack something in with a Fields widget on a canvas page that’s just plain text:

Anything more detailed than that you’re looking at embedding something (like Confluence) via a URL widget.

Thanks Brandon for the information. That is quite a creative solution. It would be interesting if at some point you guys added support or integration for something like this. It just makes everything easier in terms of security that comes with shotgun.

From a studio standpoint, sometimes we have docs for specific workflows geared towards certain projects. Those docs main contain sensitive information. That information follows the security protocols if it exists in the ecosystem of shotgrid, however when introducing other softwares like confluence it adds a level of complexity security wise :frowning:

thanks for the temp solution though :slight_smile:

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100% second this! I really like having Shotgrid be the ground truth for “what people should do” - so we can always say “Look on Shotgrid”, instead of go to our internal;Wordpress here etc etc. Thanks!

Not exactly the same ask, but may be helpful… definitely check out our new Internal Resources functionality:

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doesn’t really help at all

@JokerMartini , bummer :confused:

Definitely add your idea to our roadmap! It gets funneled through our Product Managers so it’s the ideal place to provide feedback.

Thanks Shaynad :slight_smile:
There are a handful of ideas we have that are shortcomings of shotgun. I’d be more than glad to share them if there is any value. Either way, we are currently in the process of developing an internal replacement in order to push these features forward.

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