In 'Shots' and 'Episode', getting None from fields that have values in them

Hi. I could really use some help here…

I’m trying to make an Event Daemon so that when there are changes to the ‘Tasks’ entity’s fields: ‘Time Logged’, ‘Bid Days’, and ‘Budget Days’, I want to make it so that ‘Shots’ and ‘Episodes’ entities pick up on those changes and calculate values based on those changes.

Ultimately, in the ‘Episodes’ page, for each episodes (rows), I want take the values from the ‘Time Logged’, ‘Bid Days’, and ‘Days Budgeted’ and calculate something and put that value into the ‘Spend To Date %’ and ‘Forecast Total Spend %’, like in the below image:

But the problem is that even though the above picture shows that there are values 2.5, 5.5, and 3.5 in Episode 101, when I try to get the values from those 3 fields in my code for the Event Daemon, they all return None’s for some reason.

I have a similar problem with the ‘Shots’ page. Also, note that the sum of the rows in the Shots page are equal to the values in the ‘Episodes’ page above:


Clearly, the calculations - the sums of the rows that are made in ‘Shots’ is being passed to ‘Episodes’, yet I am unable to extract those values from ‘Episode’.

And lastly, what puzzles me is that for the ‘Shots’, I have the same problem as ‘Episodes’ of getting None values for the ‘Time Logged’ & ‘Bid Days Total’ fields, but for ‘Days Budgeted’, I am somehow able to extract the values from them.

Can someone please explain to me why I am unable to extract the values in both ‘Episodes’ and ‘Shots’ and how to resolve this problem?

Some explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I’m betting the Episode ‘Time Logged’, ‘Bid Days’, and ‘Budget Days’ fields are Summary fields, and so don’t have any true value except when the page is displayed. They likely sum up values from Tasks linked to the Episode.
You’d need to change the field type for these 3 to Duration, and then have your Event Daemon plugin summarize the Task values and write to the 3 Episode Duration fields.

I think I see what you mean; ‘Shots’s ‘Days Budgeted’ field type is Duration, while the other aforementioned fields’ types are Query.

But the problem is, the field types for the rest of the fields for both ‘Shots’ and ‘Episodes’ are all stuck at Query and I can’t change them to any other types as they’re all greyed out.

Is there another way to get the values from the fields that are stuck being a Query field type?

If you can’t change the type of existing fields, your options are:

  1. delete them and permanently delete from trash, then re-create the fields as Duration type
  2. create different fields for storing the values from the Event Daemon plugin