How to create a field on an entity with a specific field code?

I’m migrating to a new Shotgun instance, and I want to copy over some entity fields from the old instance. Specifically I have a field on Version called “Version Code”, with field code sg_ins_version_code_1 and I’d like to create that field in the new instance, with that field code (so my API code continues to work).
When I use the website to create a new field, I don’t seem to get an option to specify the field code, just the user-visible name.

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See here for an example.


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Thanks – that doesn’t look too complicated – I think you’re saying I can use the properties from your gist and pass those into schema_field_create with the python API shotgun_api3.

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When creating fields in the UI, there’s a process I use to make sure I have the field codes I want.

Create your field by naming it with the field code you want without the sg_ prefix. We know the UI will always prepend with sg_, so no need to worry about that. In your case, you’d call your field ins_version_code_1 when creating it in the UI.

Once you’ve created the field, edit it right away and change its name for the human-readable version of the name. Because the field code is immutable, Shotgun won’t try to change it. In your case, you could name it Version Code, and you wouldn’t have to worry about Shotgun automatically generating a field code like sg_version_code.

Of course, this presupposes that the field code you want isn’t already used otherwise the Shotgun UI will try to generate a unique code which will be different.

So now you have two ways of doing it! :smiley:

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