Help setting color wokflow in RV

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for waiting and I apologize for the delay. This unfortunately slipped through the cracks.

Since there are many different ways of doing color in RV, it can be very frustrating. Hopefully I can give you a little more insight and get you unblocked.

Let’s go through what RV is doing in the background. You can read an intro here: What is the tl;dr on the RV color pipeline?
But basically, RV will take input colorspace per-source and convert it to linear space by the time sources are added to a view (sequence, stack, layout) and then a per-display colorspace is applied. Per-display colorspace will default to your current monitor, most likely sRGB.

Here are a couple of suggestions on how to go about your specific needs:

1 - Read the EXR as "RAW" (Our scans are Linear Alexa WideGamut)
Here RV will take image metadata and try to parse what colorspace it is in, then convert it to linear if necessary. You don’t need to do anything here besides load up the image you want to test.
2 - Convert from Linear to Arri LogC (AlexaV3LogC)
If you toggle the session manager, you can go to the big plus button, and add a New node by type -> LinearToAlexaLogC. This a GLSL node that will apply standard computation to transform your images from linear to LogC. You can also add this node through a Python script so that it’s automatically added every time.
3 - Apply per shot CDL (.ccc)
You can apply this via the Custom LUT Menu Mode package in RV, here’s the order in which LUTs are loaded: What is the order that LUTs are applied in RV?. You’ll likely want to load this step as a Look LUT.
4 - Apply show/Display LUT (.cube)
You can load this as a Display LUT in the Custom LUT Menu Mode as well.

If you’re working with more than one colorspace at a time, you may need to look into modifying the source_setup package that comes with RV. This package will give you a fine-tuned control over different file formats and colorspaces.

Please let me know if this makes sense and if you have further questions!


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