Help isolating and comparing tags in Design mode graphs


Desired result :
A graph comparing the count of a tag, vs a set number (amount of VFX shots, vs the amount of shots we are able to do in the budget).

The setup:
In my shots, I have many tags, one of which is ‘VFX Element’.

The issue :
I’m unable to see how to add a fixed number (the scope of say 80 shots) into a graph so i can compare it to the count of the ‘VFX Element’ tag.

Brute force fix

I can get the comparison if I add a proxy tag to 80 shots (for example a tag called ‘VFX Scope’) .
Make a graph of tags, and then since these tags both have the highest count, in widget settings in the page design, i change ‘max category’ to ‘2’.

I found i couldn’t isolate X tags without all other tags being shown in my graph.

However this seems rough, and if i end up having tags that appear more than ‘VFX Element’ or ‘VFX Scope’ I will lose this visualization.

Any help is appreciated.