GChat and Webhooks

Curious if anyone has tried using GChat with Shotgun Webhooks.

I’m hoping to find a better way to notify folks who are remote and are already used to controlling how and when they are informed of events in production.

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We’re looking into doing the same. Seems a great fit! With custom entities, we can drive some complicated processes with a bot.

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One thought: this is great for visibility of processes. For instance, we have AMIs for delivery, where currently the program outputs its status in a terminal window and the operator can watch it.
Having this information served to the entire team instantly is very exciting.

I’m a bit concerned that there might be too many GChat rooms generated by this approach – it’s a Slack Cacophony Trap.

Haha hadn’t heard of that, but it makes sense, yeah. We’re probably small enough to escape that, but it sounds like a real concern still.
The problem is partly that there is no hierarchy to the rooms, so a big flat list of tens/hundreds of rooms would become unwieldy.