Error when creating shots from Excel sheet

First of all, it seems there is no “sequence” field when I try to import the shots data from excel sheet

I am trying to follow this video

It keeps giving me this error no matter what I do in the excel sheet

Your help is much appreciated!


Hi @Osama.Alim , welcome to the forums! :wave:

Sorry for the troubles there; let’s dig in. Are you just getting started with Shotgun, and have just signed up for a trial? Or, have you had a site for a while? Our templates change with new site spin-ups, so that’s why I ask.

Currently, there’s an order of operations you’ll want to follow while importing for Episodic. This will ensure everything is linked properly and imports smoothly:

  1. First, import your Assets.
  2. Then, import Episodes.
  3. After that, import your Sequences.
  4. Then lastly, import Shots to tie everything together.

Were you able to import 1-3, in this order, prior to importing Shots? If so, you can map the sequence column to the Sequence column in Shotgun:

This is a bit odd. Can you pass along your excel spreadsheet to me in a DM? I’d be happy to investigate and report back. Sometimes there can be formatting issues that can cause strange errors.

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Hi Shaynad,

I followed exactly your tutorials with your excel sheet, and it gave me all the previous errors again and again no matter how I do it.

Here are the errors:
When I import the episodes they are renamed like this

So when I try to import the sequence it gives an error
Annotation 2020-04-01 213628
What I figured out from many trials is I have to add a “brief” column to the excel sheet, now everything works as expected, and it actually links the sequences to the corresponding episodes correctly.
P.S. this is not what you showed in your tutorial
Annotation 2020-04-01 213542
Annotation 2020-04-01 213734

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when it comes to shot import it gave me the following errors.
No sequence field
No Shot Code field
and I cannot successfully import the shot no matter what I do

from my trials I figured out that the “Shot Code” is actually the “Cut”, I don’t know if this is right and you updated the names of the fields inside shotgun or what.

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from my trials also I found that the “sequence” field is the “shot” field, I knew this because I opened the sequence manually and added some shots inside it, and went back to shots to see where the sequence would appear, then I found it under “shots” field.

but when I try to do this automatically it give ma the same error before

I really don’t know why this is so hard to pull off , I really appreciate your urgent help


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Hi Shanya,

Thank you for troubleshooting and reproducing my errors, I am sorry the mistake is from our side.

Thank you for the effort and your awesome support!



Hello readers! Osama and I were able to get to the root of the issue here. It turns out that this was related to fields being renamed on his specific site. This can definitely cause confusion, so we recommend that if you are new to Shotgun:

a) Master the basics first like Osama was doing by watching the Getting Started with Episodic TV Series 📺, and then,
b) After that, we recommend reading over the Admin guide (and best practices) prior renaming fields or making configuration changes:

A good rule of thumb is to always keep the field names matched up to exactly what entity the field is displaying.